Self Expression

A Little something about Myself

My name is Shayan and I’m doing my Bachelors from LSE. The experience yet has been like a roller coaster ride so far as I’ve had my up days, as well as the days when you just want to quit. Well i guess that’s just part of the university cycle. Other than Lse i have  a big social circle and i love to take part in everything and experiencing new things. I’ve remained a swimming as well as a table tennis champion. I played football for my School’s team back in my A-Levels and even had my own music band. I was the guitarist and we qualified to the finals in the Gramathon but sadly lost. I’m a big movies and TV shows critic and love to play Fifa and other games too.
This is just a quick intro about myself so stay tuned for my other posts as i always say

“If people could express themselves in just a few words, then there wouldn’t be a need for conversations.”

Feel free to ask me something whether its about Lse or Music or snooker. Leave a comment and ill reply as soon as i can .

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