who i am?(self expression) 

As i belong to the pakhtoon family and culture so we people are hardworking and never give up easily. i am sporty love sports, and play the game like its my last.IMG_20170410_152722_852

Happy and jolly personality dont believe on things easily when its complicated, so i do research on it my self. i know how to keep secrets and almost set my self easily in every culture, just because i have spent 10 years of my life in boarding institution where different culture people were all around us,  I have a big social circle that because of the institution i studied, it gives me a lot of exposure as i visited almost all over the Pakistan from villages of Punjab to Fata , Queeta and have spent days there and its easy for me to survive as my institution taught me to live alone like a lone survivor. This makes me more stronger. I have my plans for future to give this country a lot they deserve to have but unfortunately due to the bad leadership in our state its so difficult but my mission is to work for my state and for my people of Fata.screenshot_2017-04-11-23-19- sporty

I always wanted to start a social service programs in Pakistan like abroad so the poor children rather then working as a mechanic should study,  have food and shelter from the expense of state. I am the football lover and playing football from last 13 years and our state is doing nothing for that sports and all focus is on cricket not even on our national game, and thats the big drawback of our government, I have interest in politics and i know i have the leadership qualities in me, and one day i will be not a politician who think that people of their country are their servant, i will be the servant of the nation one day Inshallah , will show whats the importance of each human being in the country  , and what are their rights. I dont make friends easily till now my best people whom i can trust and even can give blood to them are the friends of my boarding institution. because i know them personally who they are not because of what there family background is as now a days people are more materialistic and i hate materialistic people and thinking2016-11-19-03-10- majidEverything is not money for me there are morals, person own ethics; values which should be your first priority. As a Muslim i have a strong believe on Allah when ever i need help instead of asking for people; I pray and ask from Allah almighty. I love to forgive people and it makes me feel so good and relaxed. I am adventures and accept challenges in my life and have a strong believe in my self no matter what people say i will work hard and achieve what i wanted to. Sometimes i use to say to my self Majid you are groomed to serve.


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