Self Expression

The Self Concept

I don’t know who I am.

No, I am not suffering from short-term amnesia, because I know that my name is Umer, I know that I am 21 years old, and that I live in Lahore, Pakistan. However, I find myself at a complete loss to write anything about myself. Maybe it is because I am forced to do so, this article counting as a graded assignment or maybe because I don’t know that much about myself, not yet at least.


I believe that I cannot claim to truly know myself, enough to put pen to paper -or in this case finger to keyboard, until I truly experience life. To truly know yourself, one must explore themselves. and the key to exploring oneself you might ask? Well it is simply to explore the world. The self is a concept that is constantly learning, evolving, adapting to the environment. A notion that has been brought forward by many before me, but it is a notion I believe in completely. I don’t think I will ever truly know myself, until I know the world we live in. Confining myself to one place is something I can’t stand, because i believe it restricts my freedom to grow as a person and disallows me from understanding who I am. So as far my self-expression is concerned, this is all I have to say for now. Check in with me after I’ve had the chance to travel and learn more about the world, all the experiences it has to offer and myself.


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