Self Expression

Me me and me

My name is Asad Muhammad. I’m 22 years old, currently residing in Lahore, Pakistan. I can’t say much about myself. if you ask about my interest then I will say my interests lies in the beauty of nature, travelling to northern areas of Pakistan to see all the green and feel the cold at the top of mountains. From all of the places where I have been to, the most¬†favorite one is Astore, the most heavenly place in Pakistan. Astore is the only place I would like to go again and again.

Other than travelling, the thing which I love to do is acting. I can’t say that I truly have a talent for acting but when I do get a role to play, I do my best. I once made my own short film but it was a university project. I played the role of an abusive husband in that. the best thing about making that film was not just doing what I love but doing it with the people I love. I can genuinely say that those days were some of the best memories. the image below is one from the sets of my short film.


But if you ask me how am I as a person, I would probably tell you about how calm I am and how much I like to stay in my own world because I can’t socialize with people due to my social anxiety and if I like you I might tell you about my dark thoughts. that’s all I can say about myself.


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