Life it is…

Getting admission in boarding school was one of the finest decision that i took in my life. it helps me to see world from many perspective and taught me how to tackle different situations with different people. I have a lot of friends who with time become as a family for me. I love my friends and they are my world.IMG_2580.JPG

I have a huge social circle because i lived in boarding and people from all over Pakistan used to study there. I don’t care how people judge me because i am going to stay the same for my self. i love the way i am. I love traveling and have keen interest in business.


it helps to groom you in a way that you learn so many things by moving  from one place to another so you can interact with different people and get exposure out of it. i have been to many places around the world and when ever i am on holidays i always try to travel with my friends or with out them. i wish to have a world tour And inshallah one day i will do it for sure.

“The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page.” – Saint Augustine


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