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Life is Good…

Life is good when you are born in a political family who runs the place, A family that has its own traditions, language and culture. Let me introduce myself, My Name is Nauman Ahmad Malik, i was born in bahawalpur but raised in Lahore. I am a multi cultured man that has an ambition with plans to serve to the country. I don’t know that i’ll be serving through politics or Civil Service but the goal is the same .

The people who want to work to make this country better. If we the people start struggling then we can change the current situation in the country.


I believe that if an individual decides faithfully to accomplish a goal then nothing stands in his way.  I am a man with a dream, A dream to serve my people, the fields are many but the goal is then same. I belong to a family who’s serving people for more than 200 years. Serving people and working for there betterment is in my blood.

I believe that life is full of opportunities. If Allah Almighty closes one door then He opens ten more. We just need to keep our eyes open and try to follow our hearts.


All things aside, i am a man with the good taste of cooking. I also like to have collection of ammo. I still own from 5.2 to 7.62 caliber. My collection include assault rifles, pistols and shotguns. These are a part of my life.

I am a person who love to explore and visit new places, whenever i got vacations then it’s time to pack the bags because ” Mountains are calling Me”. Nature is the only thing that attracts me because nature is the only real thing we got.

Always believe ” EVERY DAY IS A NEW DAY” and  “LIFE IS GOOD”


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