Self Expression


They say, a some point, you just learn to let go. I must disagree, it just takes one moment to et go, than you never really held on tightly enough. To a dream, to a goal, to a place, to a person or anything. I believe that you let go little by little. You let go a little and then you hold back on. But this time with a little less force. The deeper you dive, the higher you Will be able to fly. The weaker you feel, the stronger you WILL become.

So do not  be ashamed of your weaknesses. We all have them. You must learn to be kind enough to yourself. Differentiate between your self-worth and  your actions. To say that you are bad is different than saying yes I made a mistake and accepting it.

I was the total opposite of what I just said above. But then things changed. Took a roller coaster ride that shifted my life upside down , from right to the left, east to the west and in every possible angle it could take on. But then it managed to give plenty of time for myself. To think about my mistakes and what I could have done instead of what I had done.

All in all, believe in that one person who has been always there but you just never knew. Yes it took time, yes I say it took 11 YEARS. It might just be a number for all you out there but for me it was worth all that time in between from 2007 to 2017. That one person believes in your flaws, criticizes you in a positive way and tells you no matter what you CAN do it. Lifts your soul and shows you an entire different perspective of looking at yourself and leading up your life.

Here’s to you AT.. 🙂

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