Less is the new more.

I am Ahmed Aamer Qureshi. I reflect a varied personality including ambition and qualities of a good listener and generosity. I believe that there is no thing in this world that cannot be achieved by hard work and determination so I encourage fighting for what i desire.

I am a substantial nature lover whenever I get time or get holidays, I like to explore nature; places that are far away from the fast urban life. I have been to most of the mountain ranges of Pakistan, recently I went to Hunza and I realized how peaceful it is to see dew drops on grass which looked like pearls, silvery moon with twinkling stars which bedecks the sky, the roaring of thunder, chirping of birds-real beauties of nature  . I totally agree with this thing that we are living under un-natural time pressures which usually cause a myriad of psychological, social and physical illness.

“Nature never did betray the heart that loved her”


One of my qualities I think is that I always to be of great help to others because I believe that random acts of kindness really enrich your life and brings you a little more closer to God , as I remember my parents repeatedly telling me:

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

I happen to be a philanthropist as the world is full of troubles, tribulations, fears and many other things; usually people cannot deal with mental burden of any sort of pressure and they give up, just listening to their problems and giving them moral support is all it takes to save a life, I like listening to their problems and helping them out. When I was 19 I joined a campaign in which we went from school to school for talking to students about their problems like psycho-analysts and giving them a helping hand. Quran mentions “Any help always get counted.”

Like many other boys I always loved sports and have played on inter regional and national levels out of which two matches were not a good experience since I got my arm fractured .My definition of being a sportsmen differ to others; I believe that playing sports does not merely means just to take part In sports but also playing the game of life in accordance with the spirit imbibed on the playing fields. Sports have actually played a vital role I teaching me teamwork, fairness, honesty, integrity and fair play In dealing with others.

Apart from above I have kept a keen interest in collecting antique stuff, reading various articles regarding past famous personalities and a little engrossment towards acting .I played a role In a short story on which I was highly appreciated y the faculty of university.


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