Self Expression

I learned ..

Our next door neighbor, India, left us empty handed on many accounts as our native historians have narrated, but I am endlessly indebted to the treasures they left me in my childhood, that i still remember and cherish. i learned about life and the lessons that it taught,  in my own twisted way.

I have whiled away many,  lazy days watching Devdas drunkenly stagger over fragments of his arrogant mistakes and broken wine-glass, Rohit so radiantly give himself up for the light in Naina’s life, and Rahul and Anjali from Kuch Kuch hota hai antagonistically make professions of everlasting friendship of their hearts during heated high school Basketball games.


The era of iconic, magnetic Bollywood became my book of fables. Kal Ho Naa Ho taught me how to love someone without holding them back. Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham taught me the importance of family and the easy dissolution of flimsy barriers we put up between us and the people we love when we realise the things of importance, and that spontaneous breakdance numbers will always brighten the occasion, painfully mundane as it might be. 


I learned to not take blood bonds for granted from Baghbaan, and the power of sheer adolescent determination to find ourselves from Josh. I not only took countless dialogues that I could recite off at a moment’s notice but also lessons for a lifetime. That made me the person i am today

I have tried to the best of myFullSizeRender_3 abilities to not only become a living, breathing Bollywood library but also someone who took the best of all heroes and heroines of tales of old and tried making a somewhat larger than life story of my life – with as many potential dance numbers as feasible, and the struggle to become a better person is a never ending story.


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