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Chase Your Dreams, You Might Catch One

We spend our entire life chasing dreams and when we finally achieve it, we start a quest for a new one and this never stops. I had many dreams and God helped me catch some of them which I am very proud of.
I was very overweight. I was not comfortable wearing tight clothes and afraid of what people were thinking of me as I roamed around. I was called by funny names and teased by people. I was getting really frustrated and stopped hanging out with friends. One day my uncle challenged me that you will always be the way you are and that I can’t do anything about it, this was the last taunt of my life. I started watching motivational videos, joined a gym and started enhancing my knowledge regarding weightloss. Slowly and gradually I started losing weight, I was getting leaner and in shape day by day. This gave me motivation. All those people who made fun were amazed and started coming to me for tips. There was a long way to go but I didn’t give up, I decided to get to a whole new level. My family and friends got motivation from me. Whole of this motivated me to go further ahead. I managed to transform my self. From a weight of 120 kg to 80 kg, I looked fabulous.

After accomplishing this goal, I had confidence in myself that I could do anything I wanted but offcourse with hardwork. I was now confident and ready for the new better life ahead of me.

I always had an interest in motorcycle’s specifically sportbikes. I always wanted to ride on two wheels. As it is a very dangerous hobby, my parents were very hesitant in getting me a motorcycle. This was my childhood dream. Since I was a little kid, whenever somebody pulled over next to my car with a sportbike, I would just want to jump on it and ride away. I understood that it is a very difficult and risky thing to ride on our streets full of traffic but that was my least concern as I am crazy about bikes. It took me 3 years to convince my father but at the end I finally got one. After this my hobby turned into my passion.

Till this date I am going strong in my gym and enjoying my passion but I have another dream which I have yet to accomplish which is becoming a successful bussinessman. With pure intentions I will succeed with the rest of my dreams. May God be with me and and the rest of humanity.


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