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A New Road

There comes a time in life when one needs to determine their goals, create a plan and pursue it with commitment and passion. Well, it’s not that easy after all. At least that’s not how smooth things were for me.  I’m a student of Lahore School of Economics and my degree is Marketing and Media. That is absolutely not what I planned for five years back. I was a pure sciences student and always wanted to pursue medicine as my career.

I had set my goal, created a plan and I pursued it with commitment and complete passion but I couldn’t make it till the finishing line. What went wrong? This change in my life made me understand that life is not a bed of roses where you get everything that you desire for.


Initially I was accompanied by bundles of confusion after my rejection. I would say for most of us after such a drastic change there is a lack of clarity not due to lack of desire; we do want to create a purpose driven fulfilling life but because our mind is bombarded with conflicting thoughts. We can’t be certain on one decision.

I engaged into various counselling sessions held by different friends of mine which brought the revelation for me, the solution came from inside out. Our interpretation of the event matters the most. I realized that the confusion was all a smokescreen which muddled my mind. Once I was able escape from it, life became unbelievably perfect.


Now I’m doing quite well in my academics. My perception about life has totally reversed. My mind which was once pessimistic, led me to isolation. But now I enjoy my life to the fullest.I love

I even help my friends who experience the same situation as I did. I tell them to think of their confusion as a storm raging on the surface of the ocean. Looking down from the above seems wild and turbulent. However, dive and it’s wonderfully calm. That calm is the clarity of your mind.



2 thoughts on “A New Road”

  1. I was in your shoes a few years back so i can relate to your story. Fortunately i made it to my dreams but my road was filled with milestones and hurdles. Indeed it is difficult to chase your dreams!

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