Invisible Side


My name is Asad Sohail Sheikh but i like to be called “SHEIKH”.This name was given to me by my school friends.I will try to tell you all about myself as easy as possible.I”m a calm personality with alot of ambitions to be successful person.I’m a student of lahore School of Economics and doing Marketing and Media. I prefer this degree because it is a diversified degree which can offer good job with good starting salary,coming back on me,well i can go all day about writing about myself, i mean who gets bored when it comes to ourself right..?


Talking about my background, I’m basically from Queeta Baluchistan, the thing which pinch me is that every time i tell someone that i’m from Queeta! the first question i get to hear is that “dude! that place is full of terrorists” and i always tell them that “seriously dude you have to educate yourself”. My city is not what most of the people believe. People perception about Baluchistan has to be changed and i try my utmost to change that.I have done my schooling from there until i was sent to Chandbagh, the famous boarding school.I still remember my days from that place, i did not had any intentions of going there but my parents forced me to go there, i guess they have had thought something good for me because no parents would want their child to go away form them, that was 5 years ago and still i’m not living with my parents because i’m living in a private flat with my roommate who are more then brothers to me, time spent with them is unforgettable especially a guy who has made a especial place for himself Zohaib or zaibi that’s what i call him.I wish i could me more like him, he’s perfect in every way

533995_3961794501592_746424609_n.jpgMy interests include, surfing the “world wide web” in order to keep updating my knowledge. I guess, my basic instinct, is to keep learning and exploring, all the times. Reading has been my hobby since childhood, and it is an activity, in which i spend most of my weekend time, till date. I can read anything; ranging from newspapers, magazines, to science journals and last but not the least i love going to gym and making a good body especially when summers are just down the round, i belive that gym is a art, you have to get involed in it in order to see result.That was me! i hope you like it


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