Self Expression

Now you know me!

It’s quite easy writing about one’s self in the typical manner, something, which rather is boring as well to be honest, so I’ll take a different approach and keep it short and simple.

I’m a fitness enthusiast. Growing up, I was always underweight, tall and lanky; I despised looking at myself in the mirror especially since my dad, my role model, was in the best shape of his life ever since I remember. He was my inspiration to become the fittest version of myself possible. So, three years ago, I joined the gym. It was the best decision I ever made. Ever since then, it’s been a smooth journey towards maintaining my physique. Don’t get me wrong, I said I love to keep in shape; I never said I maintain a strict diet! Of course, I’m a foodie. I mean who isn’t? Bring on the carbs; bring on the desserts, you name it! One always has enough room for desserts, in my personal opinion.

20170411_230354                           kakajja.png

Talking about my personal achievements and academics is rather monotonous, so, I’ll give you another insight in the kind of person I am. Let’s talk about my overwhelming admiration for all things horror. Be it horror movies, seasons, exchanging “jin” stories, creepy clowns, kids, whatever comes to mind, I enjoy it all. It’s the fact that these horror movies evoke a different reaction in me every time, which I relish the most. Every story is different, every character is different, every incident, reaction, ending, all of it is a new beginning each time. Especially the ones that are based on real life events, which interest me, the most. The unpredictability is what grasps my attention.


Want to know more? Let’s continue onto how my parents are my role models, especially my dad. They became parents at a very young age and raised three kids in very distinctive manner. They talk to us like our best friends, feed us like grandparents, scold us like elder siblings and encourage us, support us and motivate us like parents. They want us to be the best versions of ourselves. The fact that my parents have experienced exposure over the years has a lot to do with their parenting skills. Some might find it odd but trust me when I say this, I couldn’t have asked for better parents. I hope that one day I can became half the man my dad is; as cliché as it sounds, it’s really something I would be grateful for. Fun fact: some say we even look alike. You be the judge!

mmmm                                               kjkl

That was Hamza Naeem for you. You know these three things and you’ll know just enough about me.


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