Self Expression

Pundit of being Dapper-ed

Life has much more to offer rather than being lazy, obnoxious and being a part of the undone campaign. Well here’s a start to my story, when the doctor rightly said to my mother that ” You have given birth to a luminary person”. Well that was because of the deadly disease which got figured out on day 1 of my birth, completely unique and different. Since then these words told by my mother to me has being echoing my ears and made me much more self-obsessed Allhumdulliah.17916229_10210907255630940_692624377_o

Whether its studies, fashion, cars, events or anything else i have been able to maintain my status quo up-to certain level. Being obsessed with travelling is the most important and essential part of my life not just to mountains but deserts as well. Each time I travel i get to learn something. interact with the undiscovered part of my country and more likely the behavior.

Let me go with the flow

With a craze of cars by the age of 2, no one knew that I would be much more into the car-world and getting to know the facts and figures, specs of each and every car in this world. My skills of analyzing cars regarding their pro’s and con’s from luxury to daily life has always been much more interactive to listen. Obviously that counts my passion which is worth it.

It’s evo, evolutionary

When coming to being well dressed, i have always been conscious of how i look regardless the materialistic approach of brands. Having a good fashion sense is what makes me much more dapper-ed. A good clothing line, a good fashion sense and a good impact is what i have always been worried about and able to maintain it. I see positivity in every thing and always hope-full in any kind of problem which makes me more intrigued, expertise and being Dapper-ed.

Dress to Impress

Long drives and nature simultaneously drives me crazy and insane giving goosebumps. The best part of this whole universe is the nature and how do you perceive its effects. I have a close heart to being nature oriented and experiencing the best sunrises and sunsets on long drives. Every tension depletes off this soul. Calm, peace and some my time is all i want.


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