Self Expression

Drawing my imaginations

thAlbert Einstein said and I quote,
                           “I am enough of an artist to draw freely upon my imagination.”


My journey of twenty one year’s represents a journey of a sea in which there’s no particular end but it consists of moments where the waves are so high that sometimes they touch the cliff but sometimes they are quite low that it gets hard to meet the soil.
Moving from Lahore to Karachi and then from Karachi to Lahore gave me a chance to learn about different cultures. Also an element of respect developed in me which we all lack i.e. respecting each other’s point of views. I developed a great affiliation with Karachi and my heart still resides there but Lahore is the place that gave birth to me so being divided made me learn how everything has its own place and nobody can take over it.17793432_1488190677879030_872800903_n

From the age of five or six I developed an affection with dancing and even now I do contribute some of my time to dancing because of the belief I have in dancing being an expression of freedom. I can convey so much by just one move. I can whirl always saying ‘worry is a cycle of inefficient thoughts whirling around a centre of fear.” And together with dancing I make sure I act out my expressions exactly like what I feel my words are.12806055_1106619669369468_635819903760200932_n

Nobody is now as perfect as the conclusions of Khalid Hosseini’s writings but if I’d to conclude myself I would just say that I am pragmatic.10621268_826569924041112_321159434_o


7 thoughts on “Drawing my imaginations”

  1. Having known you for quite some time, I can understand where the sea imagery comes from. You are a strong and amazing woman, keep writing 💜 and Lahore is blessed to have you! You fit in that city like a puzzle, meant to be. Your way of writing is absolutely refreshing.

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